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Introduce yourself!

Post by svanarts on Mon May 18, 2015 6:00 am

Hello, I'm Scott and I moderate this forum. I've been a private pilot for 23 years. I've own an Aeronca Champ, an RV-4, and currently on a Rans S6ES. I built both the RV-4 and the Rans. I sold the RV-4 to build the Rans. Now I'm selling the Rans because I need college money for my daughter. Also, I want to use the money to buy a paramotor and learn to fly one.

Why am I getting into paramotoring? For years I've been looking for ways to live with my airplane. I'm too poor to afford to live in an air park or to buy enough land to carve out my own air strip. I'm also looking at selling everything I own and live full-time in an RV on the road. I didn't want to give up flying so I started researching ways to keep flying while travelling and thank goodness I stumbled across powered paragliders! As soon as I sell the Rans I'll be calling up a local training outfit and learning to fly PPG!

That's my story... what's yours?


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